New Bike Day


So, i got this beauty from Chicago, IL several months ago. Its a 2009 Cannondale CAAD 9 x Pony Shop Cyclocross Team. This bike is quite light for its level. Made in USA. For more photos of these beast, head over to my Instagram account.


Trek Bicycle – The Spartacus Madone

Trek Bicycle and renowned illustrator Hydro74 have teamed up to create a Spartacus-themed aesthetic appearing on the Trek Madone 6.9 SSL and Speed Concept 9.9 to be ridden by LEOPARD TREK’s Fabian Cancellara in the upcoming 2011 Tour de France. Known throughout the cycling world as “Spartacus” for his gladiatorial physique and warrior mentality, Cancellara will compete on both bikes throughout the entire race. The paint scheme will soon be available for order Friday, July 1 through Trek’s Project One custom bike program.

To create a truly unique bike for a unique rider, Trek hit up the graphic illustrator known as “Hydro74” to lend his talent to the project. Evoking iconography of the classical Greek warrior-state of Sparta, Cancellara’s bikes are emblazoned with the Thracian helmet and the dory, a spear employed by all Spartan warriors. Through the direction and collaboration with Trek’s in-house design team, Hydro 74 created a series of icons including the helmet, spear, shield, and a carved serpentine floral pattern.

“The challenge this project presented was in how we marry the raw, powerful illustration style of Hydro74 with the clean, classic aesthetic that we created for LEOPARD TREK,” said Trek Art Director Jesse LaLonde. “There are elements throughout the bike that are special to Fabian that we utilized as in the seven spears representing his lucky number and of course the Swiss Cross.”

The paint scheme will be available for purchase Friday, July 1 through Trek’s Project One custom bike program under the title of “LEOPARD/Spartacus”. Cancellara’s bikes were crafted and painted by hand in Trek’s Waterloo WI-based global headquarters and US manufacturing facility. To start building the bike of your dreams, visit

eBay: Cycling WMD Stuff

Alan from Cycling WMD selling some awesome stuff at eBay!

Or head over to see the rest on his Flickr

Bob Jackson with S & S Couplers !!

Shimano Dura-Ace Track Group

Vintage 3T Adjustable Stem Pista Track

NOS White Turbo Selle Italia Saddle

Vintage 3Rensho Tool NJS

Those Bob Jackson framesets are so delicious !! I think it will be sold as fast as stoner ! haha