Rapha : Tohoku


” In the spring of 2011, Rapha Japan set up a charity ride and asked for your help. We all rode for Tohoku. Everybody in Japan would like to take this opportunity to thank those who contributed. A little over a year later, general tourism is still out of the question in this area but for cyclists, there is no shortage of great roads to ride here…

Rapha in Yogyakarta – Central Java

Whoaa! I can’t believe this. Rapha was here, in Java and visited The Borobudur’s Temple. This is really great.

” Java is an intense place. From the minute you step off the plane onto the tarmac in Yogyakarta you are assaulted by the chaos of the people, voices and heat.

Java is a place formed by human hands, the worlds’s most populous island has small farms all across its landscape. At the same time, the elemental nature of Java is volcanic. The island is dotted with volcanic cones and is one of the most active spots along the ‘Ring of Fire’, a roughly semi-circular line of volcanoes in the Pacific. Central Java has a chain of eight tall conical strato volcanoes running from north to south and one, Merapi, is very active.

Read the entire article by Adam Horler here.