You girls just made my day.


Chrome : Truck Pro Shoes

Chrome launches the Truck Pro shoes in this year. According to Chrome :

The Truk Pro is our newest City SPD and the most innovative SPD on the market. It features our new dual-density FlexPlate™ Technology. We developed our FlexPlate™ Technology to provide the fully rigid sole from the heel to the ball of the foot and a flexible toe area for more comfortable walking. The most comfortable and walkable SPD shoe on the planet, the Truk Pro has 5 times more flex at the toe area compared to any traditional full rigid SPD shoe. Other features include a contoured impact- resistant PU footbed, skid resistant outsole and recessed SPD plate. Built with 100% Vulcanized construction, the 1000 denier Cordura® outer shell is 25 times stronger than canvas making this a cycling shoe you can wear all day, every day.”


Head over to their website for more info and pricing. They are looking good!

Cadence : Megane Glasses

Cadence‘s Megan glasses are now available on their webshop. These things are rad!



Megane (Japanese for Glasses):

-Very Limited engagement (think 10 each), once they are gone they are gone

-Original Cadence glasses

-Hand Made in Japan by some of the finest glasses tradesmen in the world.

-Matte finish

-Superb quality, high detail, very sturdy

-Strong 4 knuckle hinges

-Comes with zero magnification lenses  or add your own prescription.

-Width 137mm(5 4/8″)


Seen on Prolly.