Push Projects : “Made in England” Book is Out!

Good news! Made in England book is now available for purchase. The book is priced at 35 pounds. Get yours at Push Projects!


Road.cc : “Made In England” Sneaky Book Preview

” Made in England is a book by frame builders, about frame builders. It takes a unique look at the world of bespoke frame building by showcasing the artisans in England who craft these bicycle frames. The authors, Matthew Sowter and Ricky Feather, travelled around the country along with talented photographer Kayti Peschke, to interview the people who are leading this industry. Each artisan shares their methods, their passion, their skills and their quirks. Through these intimate coversations they express what makes them unique in this international art. The book showcases exquisite photography of the frame builders and their working environment, contrasting the raw, rough workshops with sleek images of the beautifully finished final products.

Kayti Peschke, is responsible for putting this film together.

Head over to road.cc for more photos and info.

Dedicada Ao Ciclismo Book – Kirschner

” Kirschner is a cycling apparel brand hailing from Santa Catarina, Brazil collaborated with SIX, a UK based design agency that developed everything from name and identity, right through to the apparel design and promotional collateral. As a start-up, they required everything from a name and identity, right through to the apparel design and promotional collateral. The final logo and overall direction was designed to convey a contemporary brand that recognised and celebrated the pedigree at the root of the sport. The modern styling with vintage nuances give the brand its own unique identity within an increasingly competitive market. 

Paul Calver was appointed as lifestyle photographer and videographer, completing the visual direction for the Kirschner brand.

Found from here and here.

Cinelli : The Art and Design of The Bicycle Book

” Fall of 2012 will see the release of yet another beautiful retrospective from Rizzoli, this time spotlighting the 65-year history of Milan bicycle manufacturer Cinelli: The Art and Design of The Bicycle, the 240-page hardback will feature insights from founder Cino Cinelli, professional riders like Felice Gimondi and Gilberto SImoni, and Cinelli collaborators including Mike Giant, benny Gold, Paul Smith and Barry McGee. Set for a release this October.

Pre-order are available now at Amazon. But as Tracko said, do not pre-order from amazon. “Buy it from your local bookshop or bike shop.” Haha

Cycle Chic Book (Hardback)

Full description from Book Depository :

 “Ten Best Fashion Bloggers”. (“The Guardian”). “The Sartorialist on Two Wheels”. (“The Guardian”). “Top 100 Blogs Worldwide”. (“The Times”). Against the background of rising mass-transit fares and an unhealthy planet, the liberation and efficiency of getting around by bike has made city cycling one of the most popular pursuits in urban life. From gritty messengers to tweed-sporting bankers, from Pashley princesses to high-tech roadies, cycle chic is everywhere you look. No one is more attuned to the explosion of these new trends than Mikael Colville-Andersen, who launched the first cycling fashion blog, Copenhagen Cycle Chic, more than five years ago. The blog went viral, and there are now cycle chic blogs from Sao Paulo to Mexico City, from Tokyo to Vancouver, and from New York to Budapest. Published in a compact format targeted at the style-conscious and urban tribes of all stripes, hundreds of images in this ingenious collection curated by Colville-Andersen present the most charismatic combinations of individual style and practical function and demonstrate how far cycle attire has moved beyond lycra.

Order here.

Tallin Bicycle Week : Kolm Kirsipuud by Vahur Kalmre

Seems this book is really interesting to read.

I’m trying to translate the source article because it were using the estonian language.

” The book “The Three Cherry Trees” is a printing office, and comes after 20 more stores. This is the story of three cherry wood and cycling, the author of Vahur Kalmre. Three Cherry Trees, or The Rhine, and his father’s sons Thomas and John is a great piece of cycling history of Estonia. This book you will find how the younger brother Jan Went cherry 1999th. The six steps in the Tour de France’s shirt leader, and how exactly won the Tour de France’s stage.

How the older brother of Thomas cherry won the 1985th. The stages of the Tour Britain Milk became the first in the Soviet Union, with Riho direction and go profiks Arvi oak groves. John’s father, Thomas Rein, and how cunningly tricked cherry 1980th Peace Tour in the USSR national teamcoach came over the Germans, and how the success of the Estonian cyclists 100km race team.

More about this book finišispurdist, coaching, Aavo Pikkuusist and Riho direction Sochi multi-day race, dropping, a villa in rattapükstest, Rahutuurist, head of commission for joy, for ameteurs and pros, Tartu Kingisepp hill, suffering, Tour of France’ist, KGBst, a sprinter from, pain, Ai-Petrist, jaune’ist Maillot, the Russians and the Soviet Union from the pool, to Fetches strips, race and ride the winners of the occupants, side winds, and the skill, work, work and work again. It’s a long story of cycling.

Spotted on Tallin Bicycle Week’s facebook page.

Bicycle Portraits : Final Samples

Finally, Bicycle Portraits have been released their new updates of these books. And they look stunning.

” They are being shipped directly from Singapore in batches to a few different countries from where it will be delivered to you in the months of April or May.

If you live in Cape Town we might see you personally as we will try our best to deliver your books by bicycle! Nic & Stan 

Via kickstarter

Bicycle Portraits : A Photographic Book

About this project :

Stan Engelbrecht & Nic Grobler have spent the last 2 years cycling over 6000 kilometers to collect over 500 portraits of everyday commuters throughout South Africa, and now the Bicycle Portraits project is finally near completion.

Visit the Bicycle Portraits website to see the project online…

And here is the video that showing some people with their bikes.

Bicycle Portraits – A photographic book in the making from Bicycle Portraits on Vimeo.

Read more at kickstarter.com.

Past Present Future : Condor Book

 Condor is set to release a book that peeks into the life and evolution of one of London’s best known bike brands. Past Present Future goes behind the scenes through interviews, essays and photo stories with close friends, riders and the famous names that have ridden the bikes over Condor’s sixty-five year history.

Condor partnered with the makers of The Ride Journal for the project, named Past Present Future, and features a mix of portraits and studio and lifestyle photography by a range of contributors. It talks of how Condor first started making single speeds for couriers in the early nineties, the inception of the Rapha Condor Sharp team, why the roots of Condor are within British racing, and why through the years steel has always remained in the range.”

The book will be available at Rapha site and more locations.

Italian Racing Bicycles Book

The Italian Racing Bicycles: The People, The Product, The Passion being one of the most recent additions. With an emphasis on both historical and bicycle photography the book tells the story of some 40 Italian brands, from the giant names many are familiar with to the record winning bikes of Moser, the modern bikes of Pegoretti and the smaller brands that make up Italian bike history. Author Guido Rubino has been in the cycling press since the mid-nineties, with his experience and research showing through in the pages. Available from VeloPress for $39.95, with a  PDF preview available for download. – via urbanvelo