Road.CC : Stoemper Taylor First Look posted the article about the new bike from Stoemper Bikes called ‘Taylor’. According to their website :

This is the Stoemper Taylor, a frame hand built in Oregon and born for the roads of Belgium. Steomper, by the way, is a Flemish term for someone who mashes a big gear… who’d have thought.


The bike is designed to be a tough frame built to withstand the abuse of cobbles, poor road surfaces and aggressive riding. To be raced or just ridden hard. The Taylor is made from True Temper S3 tubes. S3 stands for Super Strength Steel, and uses True Temper’s proprietary heat-treating process. With the increased strength of the steel, the tubes can be thinner, resulting in a lighter frame.


The tubes are TIG welded with hand-bent seatstays and a custom machined head tube. And neat cowled dropouts and tapered chainstays.


In my opinion, this Taylor is such a beast, stiffness and rigid. A frame costs around 1,599 pounds and with a custom painted Enve 1.0 fork 1,899 pounds. For more info and details about the bike, you can see here.


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