Tallin Bicycle Week : Kolm Kirsipuud by Vahur Kalmre

Seems this book is really interesting to read.

I’m trying to translate the source article because it were using the estonian language.

” The book “The Three Cherry Trees” is a printing office, and comes after 20 more stores. This is the story of three cherry wood and cycling, the author of Vahur Kalmre. Three Cherry Trees, or The Rhine, and his father’s sons Thomas and John is a great piece of cycling history of Estonia. This book you will find how the younger brother Jan Went cherry 1999th. The six steps in the Tour de France’s shirt leader, and how exactly won the Tour de France’s stage.

How the older brother of Thomas cherry won the 1985th. The stages of the Tour Britain Milk became the first in the Soviet Union, with Riho direction and go profiks Arvi oak groves. John’s father, Thomas Rein, and how cunningly tricked cherry 1980th Peace Tour in the USSR national teamcoach came over the Germans, and how the success of the Estonian cyclists 100km race team.

More about this book finišispurdist, coaching, Aavo Pikkuusist and Riho direction Sochi multi-day race, dropping, a villa in rattapükstest, Rahutuurist, head of commission for joy, for ameteurs and pros, Tartu Kingisepp hill, suffering, Tour of France’ist, KGBst, a sprinter from, pain, Ai-Petrist, jaune’ist Maillot, the Russians and the Soviet Union from the pool, to Fetches strips, race and ride the winners of the occupants, side winds, and the skill, work, work and work again. It’s a long story of cycling.

Spotted on Tallin Bicycle Week’s facebook page.


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