Coven Magazine Issue 01

Coven Magazine is about to launch their first issue focusing on action, art, and adventure for women.

We’re very excited to announce the launch of COVEN MAGAZINE, a uniquely stylish and intelligent publication for active women.

Packed with beautiful photography and intelligent interviews, Coven redefines the ‘women’s’ magazine with a refreshing blend of action, art and adventure.

From bonafide legends to the newcomers making waves, Coven bring you features on the most exciting women in action sports, design, illustration, photography and more.

Travel and culture, art and style, an inspiring, informative, original magazine for women interested in more than diets and celebrities.

Issue One launching April 12th. Available in selected stores and online.

  • Snowboarder, Jenny Jones.
  • Fixed gear rider, Christina Panteliodis
  • BMXer, Shanice Da Silva.
  • Photographer, Krystal Wright.
  • Climber, Lisa Rands.
  • Print Club, Hackney.
  • Photographer, Sanna Charles.
  • Illustrator, Roisin Dunne.
  • MTB, North Wales.
  • Road saddle test.
  • Spring Fashion.
  • Margeret River, Australia.
  • London, San Francisco, Melbourne, Paris.

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